Douglas R. Loikith Funeral Service is a fully-licensed, privately owned funeral home. We have a very spacious, clean, and modern facility, and we are currently in the design phase to renovate our existing preparation center to make it one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the area.  

Are you interested in visiting our facility? Loikith Funeral Service has an open door policy and welcomes licensed funeral professionals for tours any time. Please contact us for more information or directions.


Refrigeration Facility

Our refrigeration unit is housed on-site at our secure and alarmed facility,  We have strict identification standards in place for every decedent placed in our refrigerated facilities to ensure proper identification. We offer the transfer of decedents to our refrigerated facility, as well as transfer to your establishment, crematory, or cemetery. We have wood or cardboard cremation containers on-site available to your firm.


Transfer Services

vansOur professional staff is available to assist your funeral home around the clock with local and long distance transfers from hospitals, nursing homes, medical examiner's offices, and private homes. We are in close proximity to most northern New Jersey hospitals and medical examiner's offices, as well as area airports.

We send experienced and appropriately dressed attendants on transfers in a discreet and clean service vehicle. Each of our attendants has been thoroughly trained how to interact with families with compassion and professionalism, and how to handle their deceased loved ones with respect during the entire transfer process.


Embalming Services

Embalming ServicesWe provide funeral homes with an outstanding resource to handle their preparation needs. Helping you to help your client families by providing them a positive memory picture of their loved ones and the chance to begin the grieving process a little easier is what drives us, and we go to great lengths to achieve this.

Our high level of experience, competence, and technical skill will alleviate your firm’s worries as well as the time constraints the proper operation of a preparation room place on a funeral home’s staff. We have strict standards in place to ensure our embalming and presentation of decedents is performed to the highest level so that your client families have the most beneficial experience from an open casket visitation. We treat every person we care for with respect and reverence, and it shows.

Over the past decade we have handled over 10,000 cases, which has provided us with a wealth of experience in the various difficult cases we are confronted with on a daily basis. We are fully equipped and trained to handle difficult cases such as: advanced restorative cases, tissue donor, autopsy, obese,  and contagious disease cases. We also provide environmentally-friendly, "green" embalming and can coordinate the religious preparation of the remains in accordance with various religions as well.

Cremation Service

Cremation ServiceWe provide professional cremation services and assist you with the proper documentation and permits necessary for the cremation process in New Jersey. We can provide an identification viewing and we can arrange for families to accompany us to the crematory to pay their final respects or take part in religious services if that is what they choose. We will also coordinate with clergy members to officiate religious services.

We will arrange for the burial, entombment, or the shipping of cremated remains anywhere in the world for you. We have worked closely with our local crematory for many years and they are one of the most professional facilities in the state. We have corrugated cardboard or wooden cremation containers and cremation caskets available, as well as a wide selection of cremation urns.

Graveside Service

Graveside ServiceWe can arrange and handle the receiving of remains from our facility or from airports in the NJ/NY area for graveside service. We will assist you with the documentation required by our local NJ cemeteries, help you arrange for clergy at the cemetery or mausoleum, and provide funeral vehicles.

You can rest assured that the graveside services we provide will be handled professionally and families will be guided with compassion and professionalism.

Worldwide Shipping Services

Worldwide Shipping ServicesWe are fully equipped to handle domestic and foreign shipping. We are a TSA Known Shipper with all of the major airlines and we are knowledgeable on the proper procedures for shipping decedents throughout the United States and internationally. We are in close proximity to Newark Liberty International Airport, New York area airports, and foreign consulates in New York City. We can arrange for private charter shipment of the deceased and their families through  Morristown Airport as well.

Livery Service


Livery Service
We have fleet of late model Cadillac hearses, limousines, and floral vehicle available in pairs of black or silver. They are cleaned inside and out prior to every funeral and professionally detailed. We pride ourselves in providing you with the most professional and clean vehicles that will project the stature of your firm within your community. Our limousines are strictly for funeral use and are kept stocked with tissues, bottled water, and umbrellas for your families.


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